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Mystery Scrunchies!

Mystery Scrunchies!

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Mystery scrunchies come in three types of fabric: cotton, flannel and recycled fabric.

The beauty of using recycled fabrics is that you never know what you will get! For a true mystery experience, I highly recommend any of the recycled fabric options. The recycled fabric comes from second hand and thrift stores. I ensure that the garments chosen have been there for a while before I will purchase them and use them to make scrunchies, headbands and worry pets. Then the fabric is washed thoroughly to ensure the sanitization of my workstation and products.

But not to worry if you want the cotton or flannel fabric options, you can still have the full mystery experience! Fun pattern and colors are always hand chosen for all mystery scrunchie types!

Scrunchies are great for elementary school aged kids and up and are water safe and washable!

Scrunchies also make great party favors for birthdays and other events!

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