Plushie Repairs

Has your childhood stuffed animal seen better days? Need help fixing that beloved friend? Message me via my socials or use the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Repairs are available for almost any type of plushie. I am aware more than anyone else that handmade plushies usually have higher quality than those that are made in factories. My daughter loves all of her toys, both handmade and store-bought, but only her manufactured stuffed animals have ripped or broken except for one of her handmade ones (and it was the cat’s fault).

I offer repairs for $25 per hour, plus the cost of special materials. I factor standard materials into my hourly rate. (What are special and standard materials? Find the answer on my FAQs page or message me via my socials or my contact page.)

I factored no shipping costs into this price, but I can help you find the best shipping option for you.