Diaper Cakes!

What is a Diaper Cake?

If you're planning a baby shower or celebrating the arrival of a new bundle of joy, you've probably heard of diaper cakes. These creative and practical gifts are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Not only are they cute and eye-catching, but they also serve a practical purpose for new parents.

What is a diaper cake, you ask? It's a clever arrangement of rolled-up diapers, wrapped in decorative paper, and assembled to look like a cake. They come in various sizes, colors, and designs, and are often adorned with ribbons, toys, and other baby accessories.

While traditional gifts like clothes and toys are always appreciated, diaper cakes offer something unique and practical. New parents can never have too many diapers, and a diaper cake provides them with a supply of this essential item in a creative and fun way. When I had my daughter, a family member made a diaper cake for us, and the whole thing was used up in only 3 days but it was definitely nice to have a stack of diapers ready when our baby came home.

Adding diaper cakes as an option for your next celebration is a great idea. They make for an excellent centerpiece or gift, and they can be customized to fit any theme or color scheme. Add a handcrafted toy on top and it will become the favorite decoration at any baby shower!

Here are just a few reasons why custom diaper cakes are the perfect gift for new parents:

  1. Personalized Touch: A custom diaper cake can be tailored to fit the new parents' style, interests, and gender of their baby. You can choose colors, patterns, and decorations that are specific to the new family, making it a truly personalized gift.

  2. Practical and Fun: While diaper cakes are practical gifts, they can also be fun and creative. By customizing the cake with a hand-crafted plushie topper, books, and other baby accessories, the new parents will love it.

  3. Memorable: A custom diaper cake is a unique and memorable gift that the new parents are sure to remember long after the diapers have been used up. And the plushie topper will be a reminder for years to come.

  4. One-of-a-Kind: With a custom diaper cake, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind gift that new parents won't find anywhere else.

How can I order a Custom Diaper Cake?

You can submit a contact form here, or message me on my social media: Facebook, Instagram.

The diaper cake can be made as big or small as you wish and with whatever brand of diaper you want.

And, of course, there is the main attraction, the plushie topper which can be made into any animal imaginable and secured semi-permanently to the top of the diaper cake. Don't worry though, there will be instructions on how to safely take the plushie topper off of the cake.

Other decorations can be added as well, including books, bottles, pacifiers, clothes, and more! And virtually any kind of ribbon or lace can be used as well to tie the look together!

At this time, Custom Diaper Cakes are only available to local customers. However, anyone can order a custom plushie topper from anywhere! And it will come with instructions and tips on securing the topper to your diaper cake.

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